Well, that went very well didn’t it. Nice day, nice people.

I don’t know about you but I was a bit apprehensive. I knew Jonathan Tomlinson from Sportfish was doing his bit and we (the BFCC) were trying to do our bit but you never know how it is going to turn out until the day do you? Actually, from my point of view, I didn’t really have a clue how it was going on the day because I seemed to be busy from the moment I arrived. Now, either Roger has got it in for me and sent all the students to me or we were all extremely busy, I’m pretty sure it was the latter because whenever I glanced around I saw all the other instructing members were fully occupied as well.

 I really don’t want to single anyone out, we all did our bit, but, Roger the Dodger does deserve some recognition for all the work he does in getting the punters to have a go. I suspect a lot of people turned up with the intention of just having a look to see what the BFCC is all about. Perhaps they were a bit reticent about casting in public. That just doesn’t wash with Roger, if you are there you are there to be persuaded to part with your fiver and get out there and have a go. Judging by the constant stream of students not many escaped his persuasive charm.

 Now, the beauty of this new website is that you, the viewing public, can leave a comment, and, provided you are not trying to sell Viagra, I will approve them and they will be published. We welcome comments. We need to get some feedback so that we can improve, or take into consideration any concerns you may have.

 While I am here I will tell you I have been given the dubious honour of looking after the Galleries. As you will probably notice I am not doing a particularly good job of it at the moment but I am working on it. If you have taken some photo’s at our events then I would be pleased to have them, either email them to me at  or pop them on a disc and sent them to me at 24 Albemarle Rd, Willesborough, Ashford, Kent TN240HL.

 I have also asked members to write the occassional article for us, you know who you are! Get writing. 

 I look forward to seeing you all at Brentwood in October,

 Mike Heritage

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3 Responses to “BFCC/Sportfish”
  1. Roger Miles Says:

    Many thanks for your kind words Mike.
    The bare truth of the matter is all the instructors do such a good job that when someone turns up and looks around them they see everyone with a smile one their faces.
    Allied to that they also see what a casual attitude we all have and everyone wants to see others do well.
    Make no mistake the tuition is amongst the best in the country or indeed anywhere else on this planet of ours.
    There was on particular chap that summed up his lesson, “I have been fly fishing (casting) for 40 years and I learnt more in the last 15 minutes about casting than in all those years.
    I then told him to stick around for the rest of the day and do not be shy to get quite close to others and see what is going on, as he could easily pick up one of our club rods there and just have a flick or two.
    I think the real stars of our show is the public that is willing to have a go and I thank them for their kind donations that helps keep our club going.
    I do hope that next time a lot more families attend as all of us there are family orientated, and it did our hearts good to see kids.
    There is also plenty of room and scope for tthe not so able bodied guys and girls out there, so please do not be shy best wheel or indeed best walking stick forward.
    A great big thanks to all those that turned up, and to those that are coming again and bringing others and most of all to those that will come to cast a line for the first time as that is our future.

    Roger Miles


  3. Stephen Davies Says:

    Had a brilliant day despite my fractured pelvis!was afraid that I was going to miss it but got there in the end.Had 3 seperate casting lessons from Mike Marshal and was gutted that I could not have a go for a badge(because of injuries)but will definately try next time as I should be back on my feet by then.I must mention how hard the instructors worked during the day as they seemed to be teaching someone or other for the whole time,I don’t know how they managed to find time to actually cast for the tournament themselves.Roger must be good because he managed to persuade my dad to have a lesson as well:-).No egos just lots of friendly advice and encouragement and I will be back for more of the same next time.


  5. James Says:

    Viewing the photographs I can see that my mother has been right all along – I am a rather scruffy individual! I apologise, next time I will tuck my shirt in. I had a great day which has inspired me to get practising – thanks.


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